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Sonia Hughes was born in a car town, her Dad made cars, her Mum made bras.

Its true! What else could she do but write rhymes. Add to that the genetic back bone of a woman whose ancestory was that of griots and musicians. It was all there, plus a fine English teacher and a love of being a misfit. She had to turn out in the arts.

Spent her youth on barricades, chanting down Maggie and her boys. Mid twenties in designer shops and her thirties in the theatre. Its a slippery slope. So what has she done?

A few theatre shows with Contact Youth Theatre, musical theatre with Nitro, a little book, a radio play 'A Son Like Mine', a performance installation 'Conversations on Love' and many poetry performances with Speakeasy. Whats next? A play at Nottingham Playhouse in 2007 and many more dabblings and explorations along the way no doubt.

Benjamin Zephaniah said of the book Weeding Cane

„... the kind of intelligent, earthy and domestic poetry that very few writers manage....Sonia Hughes is a poignant story teller who can read the atmosphere and recognise the relevant.

In her live-art show Conversations on Love at the Contact Theatre, Manchester, she went on a personal journey to explore romantic love. The show was a medley of sensory metaphors and poetry.

Richard Gregory of Quarantine said

"A devastatingly honest humour.... She is a strong and utterly engaging performer"

She is currently writing a play for Nottingham Playhouse about the lives and deaths of four Caribbean brothers.

"The world revolves around me (sic).
I marvel at it, and try to discern the things that aren't quite clear."


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