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Rupert Orlando Campbell, was born in London in 1960, to Jamaican parents. At school his careers advisor steered him away from his love of graphic design, into a job as a printer where he quickly mastered the techniques of litho and screen printing.

However, from an early age, he had also developed a passion for music and took every opportunity to hone his musical talents by playing bass with many bands on the developing London scene.

Upon moving to Manchester in 1985, Rupert quickly formed links with entrepreneurs of the Manchester Nightclub scene and went onto open the hugely successful Sankeys Soap Nightclub which was voted Best Small Club of the Year by readers of Muzik magazine.

Sankeys Soap broke ground on the Manchester scene by promotion a series of underground nights such as Bugged Out! and Guidance. The club also hosted the legendary house night, Golden. As if this wasn’t enough, Rupert remained true to his live music roots and brought to Manchester many live bands including Marcus Miller, Average White Band, David Sanborn, Courtney Pine to name but a few.

The nightclub scene inspired Rupert to develop another side of his burgeoning artistic skills. Bored with the nature of the design of club promotional material, he returned to his love of graphic design by developing and designing a series of poster art for his club’s Drum and Bass night, Guidance, which has become the Bible for the NorthWest’s club scene. The monthly flyers that Rupert produces to promote the night have become hip and collectable by the followers of the scene.

Rupert’s artwork draws heavily on his African heritage with its bold use of colour and vividly drawn abstract design. His use of spiralling swirling patterns immediately found a resonance with the very scene Rupert knows best - the club scene!

On a recent trip to Barcelona, Rupert was exposed to the work of Gaudi. When asked his opinion of Gaudi’s work, Rupert replied “What an inspiration - he was a rebel of his time!”



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